Marzena Liquid Wax
Product Information


A natural, organic thick liquid wax

Features and Benefits:
  • The hard plastic pot can be placed directly in the microwave or pot of water, therefore no mess
  • Water soluble wax means drips can easily be wiped off and wax residue can be washed off. It also enables cotton strips to be washed and re-used for better economy.
  • Big 12.5 oz pot is enough for about 25 half leg waxes which gives great value
  • The warm wax opens the pores slightly and grips the hair strongly, which aids removal of very strong hair, such as underarms
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  • Five bonus Cotton Strips in the pack allow the consumer to get started without the necessity to purchase additional strips.
  • Formulated to remain spreadable at lower temperatures so it is not necessary to constantly reheat the wax.
  1. Warm the wax in microwave or by placing the turn in boiling water until it reaches a thin, spreadable consistency
  2. Use a spatula or knife to spread thinly over hair, spreading in the direction of the hair growth.
  3. Place a cotton strip over the wax and spread down
  4. Quickly zip the cotton strip backwards against the hair growth direction, holding hand close to skin, thus removing the wax and unwanted hair.
Why use the Warm Wax method?
  • For easier removal of stubborn, strong hair
  • To be smoother and hair free longer
  • Cheaper and more convenient than salon treatment

Click here for Instructions for Use of MARZENA LIQUID WAX